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It is Sunday evening at 9:45 and I am sitting on my couch watching baseball until the 10 o’clock news comes on.  I am not tired but, as my wife says, I am wired!  If I could sleep in tomorrow I would go into my office now and work 4 or 5 hours.  This morning’s service was a “top 10” service in the history of PHCC in my opinion.  I can’t describe to you all of the reasons, but I will share a few.

Dustin, our children’s pastor, did an outstanding job of sharing from God’s Word this morning.  He talked about the significance of blood in the Old Testament and in the New Testament.  He weaved that into 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 and how the blood of Christ offers us an opportunity to be reconciled (reunited, made into right relationship) with God and in turn offer the ministry of reconciliation to others.

We live in a world of broken relationships at so many levels: broken relationships with God, divorce, family divides, cliques, hurts in neighborhoods and work settings, and the list just starts.  Yet, there is POWER IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST to heal the most broken of people, situations, and relationships.  Wow!  God really convicted me of how much I take this for granted.  Tonight I have a whole new depth of gratitude and appreciation for the gift of Christ’s blood and a determination to offer the ministry of reconciliation to others.  When I got home this afternoon I realized the many different things God brought together in today’s worship service.  We sang a couple of old hymns: Power in the Blood and Nothing but the Blood.  Both of these songs brought back meaningful and significant memories for me from my childhood.  I remember a family friend of ours who played a significant role in my spiritual journey and was a male role model for me, as a young boy without a dad, singing Power in the Blood loud enough for everyone in the church building to hear as well as those in the surrounding neighborhood (ha!).  He did this, perhaps not with the greatest voice, but he did this because the blood of Jesus Christ was the power that changed that man forever and he wanted everyone to know.  He was always a huge encouragement to me and while I was in college I had a chance to go back to my home church and give him a tribute during a service.  In the 9:30 service that memory flashed back in my mind and I have a hunch he was cheering us on from heaven!  He loved getting to church as early as possible so I have no doubt if he was watching us he was at the 9:30 service.  He loved being the first and last person at church so he was probably there with us at the 11:00 service as well and wishing he could be there to help us tear the equipment down and have fun with everyone.  I am thankful that a church is people and God brings a wide variety of people together in ways that go beyond description.

We received communion together and it was a moving time.  There were hurting people that God was healing.  There were brand-new believers who received communion for the first time.  There were folks who have faithfully followed Christ for years rejoicing in the gift God offered them.  Every person Teri and I served communion to touched my heart in unique ways.  I love the fact that communion is a “family” celebration!  Second service was packed.  There were over 615 people at church and we aren’t at Labor Day yet.  Praise God for what he is doing in our lives, colleges, and community.  This school year is going to be a “wild ride” at PHCC!

Thank you for your prayers for our ministry center project.  God paved the way last week for more to be accomplished than any other week since we started this project.  Prayer was the reason why!  After a few approvals and details have been received, Roger Stroh will give us an update.

Next Sunday we will wrap up our Pulse series and September 12th we will kick-off our fall season and our Advance:r12 series.  Don’t miss out on what God is doing.  Have a fantastic week.  It is 10:50.  My wife fell asleep and I just yawned.  Maybe I should go to sleep!

Are you new to Prairie Heights? We want you to party with us! Connection Party  September 12th, at 6:00pm at the FargoDome. See attached flyer for more information.

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