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Well, I’m going home, back to the place where I belong! It was a blast welcoming everybody “home” yesterday.  One of the many reasons I love fall is because it is a natural time for families to begin attending or gathering together again on weekends for worship services.  And yesterday people of all ages and backgrounds gathered together at the Fargodome in record numbers (722 people) as we kicked off our Advance:r12 fall series.  It was a very inspiring time together and so good to see and meet many people.

We are inviting ALL OF YOU and anyone else interested to go on a 7-week spiritual journey.  I believe it will be the greatest seven weeks in the history of our church.  On Sunday I shared 2 thoughts and pictures to remind us of some very important truths and to motivate and invite us to make our spiritual growth a greater priority, perhaps, than it is today.

The first picture was that God’s promises are available, never-changing, and are built on God’s purposes.  BUT, every promise requires action on our part prior to His promise being fulfilled in our lives.  I used my son as an illustration.  God requires action so we can advance, grow-forward, and mature.

The second picture was one developed by “live props” as I had 2 guys on stage eating breakfast.  One was sipping out of a sippy cup, eating cheerios, and coloring.  The other was eating eggs, pancakes, sausage, and reading a newspaper.  The idea was from 1 Cor 3:1-3 and Hebrews 5:11 through 6:1.  When we receive Christ as our Savior we all are “newborns” in God’s family.  And that is awesome!  Newborns bring life and vitality and joy and innocence and many, many blessings.  However, if a child stays a newborn for 4 years, or 14 years, or 44 years, it is no longer much of a blessing.  It is unhealthy and unfortunate.  God wants us to mature and to grow.  How?  He wants us to grow like His Son, Jesus Christ (grow Christ-like).  He wants us to experience the Holy Spirit working in and through us (“But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control.”)  Some of this fruit may come naturally to me, but many pieces of this fruit will only happen in my life as a testimony to God’s transforming work as I surrender every area of my life to Him!

How long?  How long will you wander?  How long will you linger?  How long will you participate in sin that you know hurts the heart of your Heavenly Father?  How long will God invite you to a step of spiritual growth before you decide to advance?  My prayer is that you will not wait another day!  Seize the moment God is giving us!  Seize the opportunity God is giving you to be a part of a life-changing journey!  Seize the moment to invest your time, talents, and money in something that truly matters!  Seize the moment by responding “yes” when God invites you to step out of the comfortable!  None of us are finished products, but God invites us to advance on a proven journey that He shares a snapshot of in Romans chapter 12.

So, come out to church this Sunday as I give you an overview of the journey.  Let’s break our attendance record again for God’s glory!!  Pick up a devotional book.  Join a life group (you can sign up online).  Let us know that you would love to serve others.

Have an outstanding week representing Jesus Christ 24/7!

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