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What a joy it was to worship God and learn from His Word together yesterday.  Each of you are such a blessing!  I will simply share parts of an email I received this morning for today’s update:

Good morning Pastor Jon!
I just had to let you know that the message you presented on Sunday really hit home.  The whole sermon really grabbed me–and by the time you got to the part about the “kangaroo care” I had already shed a few tears.  But after that, when you said that “God wants to bring us close”–I felt something move deep inside of me.  I felt something begin to change inside of me–my way of thinking.  Our kids were born premature–so we are familiar with the “hold close and nurture” type care that helps a newborn thrive–but to turn that around and think that God would want to do the same for us as adults–it was just such an overwhelming thought for me–sensing God as a loving God, holding us close to help guide us–it is just the picture I needed right now.  I need to put some things behind me, about whether I am worthy or deserving–because as a parent I know I don’t hold my kids to that standard–I love them no matter what.  Why can’t I, in turn, let God love me no matter what?  It is really an awesome, amazing prospect–and I think I will be able to grow in my faith more if I will stop “counting myself out before I even start” and just be open to what life’s plan is for me.  I am not a very religious person–but I do have a spiritual sense within me–and each and every week I attend service at Prairie Heights–I feel the messages “speak to me” about life–real life.  I am excited (and a little bit scared) about what we will cover over the next several weeks–but I will be open to it, and I will try not to be afraid.  Thank you Pastor Jon!

It is an awesome thing in the life of a person when they began to see glimpses of who and what God is truly all about.  And then they began to trust Him and open their lives to Him.  And they share what God is doing in their lives and teaching them with someone else.  Can this be scary?  Yes.  We all have defense mechanisms and are protective.  But, the journey is amazing and the benefits are out of this world!

This email came from a family who is fairly new to attending Prairie Heights.  Several folks in recent years have shared with them they should stop in and give it a try.  And they recently did.  Through all of your faithful gifts of time, talent, and money God is re-newing and re-writing their family history.  I don’t know of anything I could give my time or money to that matters more!  So, I simply say thanks!  You are making a difference.  I could not do what God has gifted me to do without all of you!

Please pray for tonight’s West Fargo City Commission meeting.  Our conditional use permit and building permit should be approved by the Commission.  If so this gives us final clearance to move forward with our building project.  We will begin moving dirt on the property and schedule a ground-breaking ceremony where we can invite EVERYONE to gather for prayer, celebration, and to put our stakes in the ground.  We are working on several ideas for parking arrangements and a fun way we can pull a trailer people can ride in behind a tractor to transport people from our friend’s farm next to our property.  We will also work on some walking paths to help people who want to walk on the land out to the building site where we will leave our stakes.  I will let you know the specific details as soon as I have them.


If you have any time between 9am and 4pm, Monday through Thursday, to help out at the PHCC office with stuffing envelopes, folding worship folders, getting handouts ready for Sunday services, etc. please let us know via email or call Nicki at 298.9181.  I have overwhelmed our office staff :).  No training required!  We could use any help you would like to offer between now and November.

Have a fantastic week.  I will be in touch.  See you soon!

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