PHCC Update

We are now 3 weeks into our Advance:r12 journey.  So far we have discovered:

Week 1:  It is TIME to advance!  Physically and spiritually we all start out as infants.  Infants bring much joy and energy to a family.  But, it is not healthy to remain an infant for too long.  So, let’s all make a decision to grow!

Week 2:  We have a perfect heavenly Father who has a dream for us to GROW Christ-like!  And in Romans chapter 12 we discover a grace-filled, relational pattern for that growth.  The five relationships we all encounter every moment of our lives are my relationship with: God, the world, myself, other believers, and evil.  And in Romans chapter 12 we discover our response and our action, with each of these 5 relationships!

Week 3:  What does God want from me?  In response to His love and forgiveness His desire is that we surrender to our perfect Heavenly Father or as we described it yesterday, that we would “Go all in!” Wise, strategic people are willing to go all in when they know there is something even better they will receive in return.  Sometimes we see surrender as a negative or as only for the super spiritual.  However, I find it interesting we congratulate people when they get married (knowing that they are “surrendering” many things in order to build a healthy marriage) and we congratulate people when they have a child (even knowing that child will cost us loss of sleep, stress, hundreds of thousands of dollars, huge chunks of energy, etc.).  Why do we congratulate those who are “surrendering” for marriage or for a child?  Because, the reward far outweighs the sacrifice up-front.  Now, in our journey with God, take that reward from marriage or children, and super-size it…bunches of times!

Congratulations to everyone who WENT ALL IN!  212 poker chips were left in the baskets! Praise God for giving Him what He truly wants from you.

Congratulations to everyone who is participating in a Life Group.  Got this facebook message from a brand new believer: “Jon, wanted to say that I am a HUGE fan of the r12 Life Group series.  I’m making more and more personal additions to my “church family” and have learned so much after only one meeting.  I have a nearly insatiable hunger for more.  Kudos are due these great facilitators!” I am really proud of this young man and the journey God has him on!  He is participating in 2 or 3 life groups and told me how much he enjoys each one of them!

Start your devotional book today, Monday!  There are 5 readings each week so if you read one each day you can take 2 days off every week.  I look forward to sharing with you this upcoming Sunday regarding your relationship with the world.

We have posted two videos on our website of the PHCC band singing.  Several Sundays ago they sang an old hymn “Power in the Blood” and a week ago sang an original song “I Love You Son”.

Sunday, 10/10/10, at 3:19pm on our property (32nd ave south and 4th street east in West Fargo) is the ground-breaking ceremony for the PHCC ministry center.  I will send you an email tomorrow with specifics.

This week we are mailing out a finance update and a personal giving statement to those who have recorded giving.  If you do not receive this in the mail but would like the finance update, please email me and I will have Nicki email it to you!  Have an outstanding week…see you on Sunday!

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