PHCC Update

I am in awe of how God is working in, among, and through us to touch our lives and impact His world! His momentum, motion, and ministry is truly inspiring and it overwhelms me to think He invited me to be a part of His family and gave us these days, months, and years to serve Him and the world together! I am working on Sunday’s sermon today and I can’t concentrate in anticipation of Sunday as I sense that He is going to meet with us in a powerful way. I am at the food court at West Acres Mall and instrumental music is playing in the background. EVERY song they play sounds exactly like “Amazing Grace” to me. I know…it is weird…and no it has never happened before. But, this morning, I am taking it as a gift from God! Sunday is going to be a good, good day! It will be a memory-maker.

Just a quick reminder that this Sunday, 10/10/10, at 3:19pm, will be the PHCC stake-driving (groundbreaking) on the PHCC property (3rd St E and 32nd Ave south in West Fargo – 7 blocks west of Urban Plains Arena on 32nd ave south). The weather is looking great all week long. Several guys are getting 3rd St and the site ready for this event!

A few details:
1. The PHCC worship band will start at 3pm.
2. Anyone and everyone is welcome. There will be some fun activities for kids.
3. This will be the biggest cupcake party in ND (1300 cupcakes)! Thanks SO MUCH to the many people who are making cupcakes.
4. It looks like parking will be close. Feel free to bring a chair if you want. The ceremony will go from 3:19 to about 3:45.
5. There will be a fun gift for everyone and some exciting news shared.
6. YOU are forever a part of God’s miracle!
7. We will receive a “100% guilt free” offering opportunity to give a boost to this project. God provided Teri and I with a miracle $400 check in the mail last week. We received a “health-insurance” rebate! Can you believe that? I am not kidding…a rebate from a health insurance policy! I have never heard of such a thing or received such a thing and probably never will again. But, last Thursday when Teri opened up the mail, looked at the letter and check, and then handed it to me, we looked at each other and we both knew what we should do with that check! It was a “free gift” from God and so we are going to give it to Crank It Up! at the ground-breaking.

See you on Sunday! Buckle up…God has us on a wild and adventurous ride!

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