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What an amazing journey God has invited each of us on!  We are on our individual spiritual journeys and also together we are on a significant journey as a church family impacting this region for Christ!  What a great privilege and blessing.  This week in our Advance:r12 journey we looked at Romans 12:3-8 and our relationship with ourselves.  There are 3 critical and complex questions we ask ourselves constantly.

Who am I? Hopefully, each of us can begin answering this question in terms of our relationship with Christ!  I am an “all-in” follower of Jesus Christ!

Where do I fit? At PHCC we invite you to belong, be part of a Life Group and become an active participant in God’s family because Jesus invites you to belong, be obedient, be a blessing, be active, be a contributor in His family.  And…this isn’t God’s plan B it is His plan A which is His plan be!

What should I do? Discover your strengths and weaknesses.  Offer your strengths to Christ and to the world to make a difference.  Use your weaknesses to remind yourself that you can’t make an impact flying solo.  You need other people.  Your strengths are most effective as you surround yourself with people who have strengths in your weak areas.  I didn’t spend much time on how to discover your strengths but we are going to start 2011 off with a series called MAXIMIZE in which we will help you with self-discovery as we look at your personality, your experiences, and your strengths so that you can maximize who God created you to be.

Habakkuk 3:19 says “The Lord is my strength.  He makes my feet like the feet of a deer.  He enables me to go on the heights!” That is where the name Prairie Heights comes from.  This is why the ground-breaking was at 3:19pm.  The dream of PHCC from the beginning was to encourage people to connect their life to God and experience the best life offers whether times are “good” or times are “challenging”.  Here on the prairie we often replace God with the comforts of life and the routine of religious activity.  God has SO MUCH more in store for us than that.

Ground-breaking was incredible.  THANK YOU everyone who made this day possible!  The cupcakes were fantastic.  507 people came out!  We heard a story of life-change and after the ceremony I had several people tell me – that was MY story exactly!  It was like Erne and Alana were saying exactly what I would be saying.  We had a couple of “surprise announcements”.  #1, PHCC received the “Outstanding Area Organization” award at the North Dakota Special Olympics banquet on Saturday night. This is a great testimony to the 100s of volunteers at PHCC who have served at the Special Olympics bowling tournament the last 3 years.  There were 90 volunteers (primarily high school and young adult age) from PHCC serving at the 2010 tournament on Sunday.  Great job Kate and Ross and the many volunteers!  #2, I announced the new address of our ministry center…319 32nd Avenue East! Can you believe that?  319….the same number from the Bible verse in Habakkuk that our church is named after!  God has shown He is mightily at work!  I pray this serves as a life-time reminder that God is providing for each one of us behind the scenes whether we see Him at work or not.  He is faithful as we patiently and humbly obey Him and His Spirit’s leading one day at a time.  $9,800.97 was given yesterday to the Crank It Up! initiative and will be used to give a starting “boost” to the ministry center construction.  Wow!  What a blessing!  Thank you for those gifts!

MINISTRY OPPORTUNITY: The stakes that were put up around the perimeter of the building at ground-breaking need to be moved to a spot along 32nd ave and the new 3rd street as building construction will start very soon.  I want to have them put up somewhere people can drive out to the land and look at them, read them, and pray.  I have no skill in this area but there may be some folks who would love to make this into a nice looking display (maybe with a little landscaping, lighting, etc) that can stay up for this next year.  If you are interested in a project like this please reply and let me know.

Feel free to stop reading at this point but I have one quick story I want to share. My 13 yr old son, Nate, has been inviting a neighborhood friend to Oxygen on Wednesday nights and to church.  This friend has started coming to Oxygen and loves it.  Yesterday he came with Nate to church for the first time, had lunch, stayed at our home and then he came to ground-breaking with us.  As we pulled into our garage at 5:45 last night we were all pretty tired.  Nate said “that was so much fun!”  His friend said “Yeah, I loved everything today…this was the best day of my life!”  No one said a word.  Then he went on and shared something he liked in the sermon and what he liked about the ground-breaking, etc.  I was thinking about that this morning – how cool is it that a 7th grader hangs out on a Sunday with a pastor and his family and joins them at church and at a church event such as a ground-breaking and his comment after all of that is “this is the best day of my life”?  That is a testimony to what God is doing in our church, the wonderful people who form PHCC, and how God is ministering to the Fargo-Moorhead community through all of you!  Every Sunday we have an opportunity to visibly display God’s family working together to share Christ with our community.  What a blast!

Have a tremendous week!  See you on Sunday.

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