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 Welcome to February, the heart month! I pray your heart is open and receptive to God’s leading. I pray your heart hungers for righteousness, for if it does Jesus said “It will be filled!” I pray your heart empathizes with those who are spiritually or physically hurting around you. And I pray our hearts and hands are available to give and serve.

I will share with you where my heart is. First, God is doing something new in my heart that I have never experienced before in my life. In due time, after I experience and understand it more I will definitely share it with you if that is a part of God’s plan. Second, my heart is dedicated to my wife and kids. They add so much to my life. They are the greatest sermon I will ever preach. And Third, as we started this Relationslips series, God clearly reminded me to enjoy every relationship and person God brings into my life. The waiter I met and visited with last night, those I have affinity with, those who sometimes frustrate me, those I have known for years, those who think like I do or agree with me, those with opposing views, those I know at Prairie Heights, those I work closely with – EVERY person. The joy of relationships is the joy found in opening our hearts up and being committed to each other for the long haul. This is just where my heart is and I thank God for bringing me to this point in life.

On Sunday we looked at Trust The foundation of relationships. We must build and receive bridges of trust to have connected relationships. 5 ways to build trust (that spell TRUST) were Talk and live honestly, Respect others, Understand their perspective, Start small, Trust-building takes time.

This upcoming Sunday will be THE BOMB as Randy Jackson says. It is our second annual Super Bowl Music Sunday. Here are some guarantees. You will hear and participate in the VERY best music you will find in Fargo-Moorhead this weekend….period. You will be drawn into God’s presence. You will share some side-splitting laughs. You will be glad you came. You can enjoy a “taco in a bag” lunch. This is a great opportunity to bring someone to church with you.

One last quick note. PHCC is having a believer’s baptism service and family swim time at the Fargo South High School swimming pool March 7th at 6:00pm. If you are interested in being baptized please email Our Connections Pastor, Dan, will hold an informational meeting on Sunday, February 21, at 10:00am for those who attend the 11:00am service and 11:00am for those who attend the 9:30am service. The informational meeting will be in the lobby of the Fargodome. This is a highlight service and experience. If God is nudging you to participate don’t overlook it. Take this step of faith!

If you have a working Verizon phone and charger that you no longer use and are willing to give it to PHCC please let me know. We are going to set up a “care line” through Verizon. It will be used primarily for voicemail. Thanks.

See you on Sunday!

Jon Hauser, Pastor

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