PHCC Update

This past Sunday we looked at the remaining verses in Romans chapter 12 (verses 14-21).  Forgiveness is the pathway that allows God to supernaturally overcome evil with good!  Forgiveness is also the pathway to freedom (God forgiving us through repentance and trust in Jesus Christ and we, in turn, as his all-in followers, forgiving others).

On Sunday afternoon some wonderful friends came over to our home and put together our new treadmill that my wife, Teri, and I bought each other for Christmas and our wedding anniversary (I know…pretty romantic!  That is one of my specialties!).  Teri and I are working hard at choosing “life” through living healthier lives physically.  I have completed treadmill sessions on Sunday and Monday night and as I run, walk and sweat I say to myself “God, thank you for giving me life and I am choosing to live!”  I am so thankful for the spiritual life God invites us to live also.  And as I have read and prepared for this Advance:r12 series, I have been so thrilled at the powerful healthy spiritual life that we read about in Romans 12.  It is a life of GRACE, HOPE, and PROMISE but requires DISCIPLINE and ACTION in response to all that God has done and promises us for the future.  My heart leaps for joy for everyone who joins the R12 journey!  This week we will review and assess our progress and celebrate God’s gift of salvation through receiving communion.  It promises to be another great day to gather together!

God has been opening up many ministry opportunities for me, for our church, and for people throughout Prairie Heights recently.  It is incredible!  I have recently been contacted by pastors and interested people in several cities around North Dakota and other states.  They want to hear and visit PHCC to see what God is doing.  I created a quick summary of what PHCC is about and I attached it to this email.  This Sunday is our Trunk-n-Treat.  62 cars are signed up along with some other fun vehicles, trucks, and large equipment.  What a miracle!  I will be going on several radio shows.  On Friday at 8:30 I will be on Fox Radio (107.9 fm) and at 8:45 I will be on Bob Radio (95 fm).  I am working on several other stations.  Our basketball camp, Higher Hoops, kicked off last Saturday with 59 kids registered.  God has brought a great team together to serve these children.

YOU are a blessing to me!  I am so thankful for the many, many ways you serve God and support the mission of Prairie Heights.

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