PHCC Update

The simple goal for this update is to say a huge THANKS to all of you!

Thanks for making Sundays a priority, a really big deal, and a great day for all people; for making PHCC friendly and relevant where people of all backgrounds, life circumstances, ages, and journeys can participate in a worship service and meet with and hear from God.  Thanks for making PHCC a place where people can join life groups and make friends and grow in their faith.  Thanks for making PHCC a place where babies, children, and students of all ages can participate in age-appropriate experiences and learn that Jesus loves them, God has great plans for their life, they aren’t a random happening or an accident, and the Bible is a source of hope and truth they can build their life on.  Thanks for making PHCC a place that emphasizes loving, inviting, including, and serving others.  Thanks for investing physically and financially in supporting Christ’s mission.  Thanks for being real.  Thanks for evaluating what you can add, subtract, or change in your life to see more and more people experience Christ.

Let me share THANKS from other people:

Yesterday after church I had a great discussion with a public educational leader in our region.  We talked about the challenges he and I see in light of some recent tragedies across ND.  He said “Keep doing what you are doing.  You are providing something that the younger generations need.”

I received a note last month from someone who was invited by several co-workers: “I was never excited to attend church, until PHCC.  The pastor’s messages never spoke to me, until PHCC.  I wasn’t too involved with church, until PHCC.  The point being-PHCC has opened my eyes to the journey that I am supposed to be on.”

Here is a note I received in the mail: “PHCC and you have become a big part of my life and accepting God into my life was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.  I never would have found God when I did without you, your words and the church.”

Prairie Heighters, God is using YOU to put the BALL THROUGH THE HOOP!  Way to go!  Great job!  We are part of a tremendous victory for God.  So glad God has formed this team!

This Sunday I start a new series called “TOXIC.”  Forward this flyer and invite someone to church with you!  Give them your cell-phone number and meet them in the lobby so they can sit with you.  What would Christmas look like in 2010 if God first removes some TOXINS from our life?  I can’t wait to find out!  Have a superb week.

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