PHCC Update

What a FUN ride God has us on together.  I am so blessed this Christmas season by what God has done in 2010 in my life and home and in the lives of so many people at Prairie Heights and for giving us the most exciting, miraculous year of ministry we have seen.  I just got this email so I wanted to share it with you:

“My family and I have attended Prairie Heights 4 times or so.  I just wanted you to know how absolutely wonderful your sermons have been, especially this last one yesterday.  My husband and I anxiously await Sundays to come to church there.  It feels so right for us to be there.  Everyone is so friendly, laid back and happy to be a Christian.  You don’t have to be perfect and you are definitely a fun crowd. (the music is also the best we have ever heard!) I am so thankful for the Prairie Heights basketball camp, without it I am pretty certain we would have never gotten there. See you on Christmas Eve.” Thank you to everyone who serves in ministry at Prairie Heights.  You are impacting people and our world in ways far beyond what we realize today.  We are partners in ministry together and you give me an opportunity to do and add to what God created me to do….THANKS!

I am thankful Christmas Celebrates the Impossible.  At one time or another ALL of us come against the impossible.  So, remember “Whenever we act on the probability we open up the possibility that God will accomplish the impossible through the ordinary”….because that is what FAITH can do!  “Nothing is impossible with God!”

On Christmas Eve, at 4pm, and on Sunday, at 11am, we will look at Christmas Celebrates the Unforgettable.  If you have a moment please share with me your most unforgettable Christmas! On Sunday we will receive Communion together.  We are starting a new tradition at Prairie Heights this Christmas Season.  On Christmas Eve and Christmas Sunday we will receive a special Compassion and Care offering that will be used in 2011 to help people in our community who are in need.  This will be a great way to share our material blessings with others.

I am very excited to spend Christmas with you.  For those who will be travelling out of town, I pray for your safety and that many warm memories will be built.

May God richly bless each of you with all of the spiritual blessings given to us in Jesus Christ!

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