PHCC Update

Wow, another inspiring time together at PHCC yesterday!  It is fun to be part of a church full of energy and passion for God and for loving others; and people who are willing to trust God to go beyond the norm!

After some fun, relaxing, high quality and high quantity time with my family, I am back serving my favorite community and favorite church in the world! Even with snow piles taller than me, I wouldn’t trade places with anyone! I am so excited for 2011!

I love to start the new year by dreaming about the future and asking “what if” questions.  I have never been one to dwell on the past although I am very sentimental and cherish memories.  Instead, I love to spend time imagining the future and offering my mind and resources to God by asking Him and allowing Him to ask me “what if?” What if I were to join a life group? (SIGN-UPS GOING ON NOW!!) What if I were to start daily reading the Bible? What if I were to start tithing every week? What if I were to start regularly serving God’s family in ministry? What if I were to invest in a relationship with a pre-Christian? What if I was open to God using me to help start a new church or new life group or new ministry team? What if I simply said “YES!” to God, with no strings attached, every time He prompts me in 2011? What if I made my family a higher priority? What if I stream-lined my life and scheduled my time and invested my resources around the items and relationships in my life with the greatest pay-off?  What if _____?.

Here is what I have learned in life. Some people spend the majority of their time asking “what if” about the past. While this can provide some insight for future situations, the fact is the past is over and to dwell on it only leads to regret, discouragement, and paralysis for the positive choices God longs for us to make today!  Others decide to invite God to ask and answer the “what if” questions for the future.  This lends itself to passion, direction, growth, and health today and maximum impact in the future.  In the years to come at Prairie Heights we will continue, as we have for the last 10 years, asking “what if?” as we look towards the future and we will dream big!

One quick note: On Sunday night, January 23rd, from 6 to 730 we will be holding our IMPACT CLASS at the Fargodome.  At the IMPACT CLASS you will learn about the mission and history of Prairie Heights, learn about connection opportunities, and be prepared for official church membership (should you choose to take that step).  Childcare and snacks will be provided!

Have an outstanding week BEING the church and bringing your faith in Jesus Christ into your home, work setting…wherever you go!

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