PHCC Update

Happy Tuesday!  I am glad Sunday is the start of our week and on Sunday we have an opportunity to gather together to learn, grow, and worship God together.  One of my greatest passions in life is to MAXIMIZE the lives of others for God’s glory.  I love to do all that I can to see people SOAR in life and do great things for God!  So…I love this MAXIMIZE series!  I don’t know if you are connecting with it or not…but I am sure LOVING it!  MAXIMIZE will soon be over as a “teaching series” but it will continue on as a way of life at Prairie Heights.

Reminders from last Sunday: Every follower of Christ is in full-time ministry (to your church, your family, and your world).  You’ve got “it”.  You have a special “package” of talents, gifts, personality, passion, experiences, interests, and strengths not because of you BUT because God has invested in you.  Why? To serve others in love and to build up His church.  So, you’ve got it…now use it!  God is cheering for you to make a difference for Him and His purposes.  Nothing in life is more exciting.  Be a Lydia, a Priscilla, an Aquila, or a Matthias.  Be a difference-maker for God.  Make the most of every opportunity, even discouraging times.

Fun Story posted on the PHCC facebook page: It was a great Sunday and the cheerleaders were AWESOME!!!!  My 5-yr old daughter, Greta, went to both services today.  She said to me in the car tonight “Mom, why does the man who talks say the same things at both services?”  I was so happy that she was listening well enough to know that what she heard the first time was again said the second time!! Gotta love the little ones!!!! (Jon’s note: This just cracked me up so I thought you may get a chuckle also.  Yes, we LOVE the little ones at Prairie Heights!  They add so much to our church family.)

Interesting Statistic: Coming up on February 6th will be our 3rd annual Sermon Free Sunday!  We have always held this on Super Bowl Sunday.  In 2009 we had 400 people at Sermon Free Sunday.  This was the first time there were over 400 people at Prairie Heights.  In 2010 we had 610 people at Sermon Free Sunday (we had just added our second Sunday service).  Now, one year later we are creeping up on 800 people per Sunday (yesterday there were 734 people at Prairie Heights) and starting to fill up both services.

It is amazing to see what God is doing; how He is moving in the lives of a wide variety of people and the many steps of obedience folks are taking.  Please mark your calendars for April 17th as we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Prairie Heights. This upcoming Sunday I will share a little more detail on April 17th and ask each of you to do your very best to be in attendance on this important landmark Sunday.  I appreciate you and am so glad God brought our lives together!

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