PHCC Update

Sunday Recap:

We wrapped up our MAXIMIZE series on Sunday as we looked at MAXIMIZE Church.  Jesus designed one, and only one, plan to carry on His mission, His message, His life, and His ministry here on earth and that plan was the local church!  In Matthew 16 Jesus gave us the most important question we will ever answer (Who do you say I am?) and the greatest opportunity we will ever be given (I will build my church and the gates of hell will not be able to stand against it.).  My prayer is that God will give every believer in the world a clearer picture and a greater passion for the local church.

A Sunday Highlight:

What a blessing it was to watch our preschool kids play the bells this past Sunday!  It touches my heart to see those little kids and to think about ALL of the lives they are going to interact with during their lifetime.  If we want to MAXIMIZE our lives…invest in the life of a child and be part of a church that invests in the lives of kids!  I want to thank all of you, as part of the Prairie Heights Church family, for making Prairie Heights a great place for kids to grow up and learn about God and His love and plan for each of us.  Last week I decided to calculate our financial investment in the next generation.  There are 250 children ages 0 to 18 who attend PHCC at least once a month.  In 2011 we will invest $125,000 in ministry staff, facility, and supplies to serve these 250 children.  This calculates to $500 per child.  I believe this is a great “bargain” as far as investments go.  There are many other things we spend $500 in a year on for us or for our children that are far less impacting.  So…THANKS for making our ministry to children possible!  YOU are truly making a difference from NY to LA!  I am SOOOOO blessed to be a part of a local church with each of you!

Super Bowl Sunday:

This Sunday is Sermon Free Sunday!!  After both the 9:30am and 11:00am service we will enjoy taco in a bag with 100% ground beef!  Let’s set a new attendance record at Prairie Heights…bring someone with you!

On April 17th, 2011…

We will celebrate Prairie Heights’ 10th anniversary! I am asking you to make attendance at Prairie Heights on April 17th a priority. Would you please mark that Sunday as a day you will be in town and at Prairie Heights? Or, if needed, would you modify your schedule to be at Prairie Heights on April 17th? If you live out of town, please come to Fargo that weekend!  We are going to hold one service that morning from 10:30am to noon.  We will look back on some memories and highlights; and dream together about the future.  I want to share with you what I pray will be the defining mark of Prairie Heights the next 10 years.  Afterwards we are going to sit down and have a meal together.  We are praying for 1,000 people to gather at Prairie Heights that day.  Wouldn’t that be sweet to see?  Ten years ago when Prairie Heights was started there were less than 40 Prairie Heighters, including kids!  Now, Prairie Heights includes over 1,500 people.  God is doing a great work in our lives, our lives are being poured out to people around us here in Fargo-Moorhead, God’s family is growing and our faith is spreading to the lives of many people and cities throughout the upper Midwest.

I pray you will have an outstanding week of MINISTRY – in your families, your church, and your communities!  See you on Sunday!

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