PHCC Update

Wow, what a Sunday we witnessed at Prairie Heights.  How do I describe God’s presence and power and the atmosphere He provided for us to worship Him?  I can’t describe it in words.  I won’t even try.  If you were there you know what I am talking about.  Thank you God for showing up in a HUGE way.  Thank you to everyone who invested their time and talents and financial resources to make yesterday possible.  The music was simply “off the charts”.  I believe we witnessed the highest quality and most moving, impactful music anywhere in the world on this day.  ANNOUNCEMENT: Half-way through the second service I was thinking it would soon be over and how I wish we could do it again and that there are those who missed it and those I know and you know that would be positively impacted were they there.  God reminded me of my grandfather who used to preach in portable tents during the summer throughout the upper Midwest back in the 1920s and 30s.  He had a passion and commitment to share God’s Word and our hope in Christ with as many people as possible regardless of what it cost him.  These gatherings were called “tent revivals.”  Service was held every evening.  As long as God showed up they would meet again the next night.  No one knew how many days in a row they would last.  As long as people knew others in town that needed to be there and were willing to invite them they would say “let’s meet again tomorrow night.”  And as long as the preacher had another sermon to give the following night, or the people didn’t mind if he or she repeated one they had already heard, they would meet!  So,  we are going to repeat this Sermon-free Sunday on a Sunday night in late March or early April.  This could be a big flop or a major “hit” but that doesn’t matter to me.  I just want to be obedient to God.  I want Him to be in control and to make myself, and to invite all of you to be, available for His purposes and plans.  My dreams and plans have no lasting impact and amount to nothing.  His presence and plans and purposes are what I crave!  And I believe He wants to show up and minister again to 100s of people if we are willing to participate, serve and invite others.  So, “I’m in” and everyone I have talked to (some of the band, technology, set-up, admin folks) have said “count me in”.  We are already working with the Fargodome and other schedules to find a Sunday night, as soon as possible, that works.  I will let you know as soon as I know!

THIS SUNDAY: We are starting our Music 4 Life series with “I Feel Good” by James Brown.  I’m looking forward to learning together from Psalm 100!

APRIL 17TH: Let’s pack the dome with 1,000 people to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  Please do your best to be at Prairie Heights and to bring as many others as possible with you as we have one large combined service and eat lunch together!

Have a great week of laughter, growth, purpose, and hope!

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