PHCC Update

Yesterday morning I was in the bathroom.  I sat down on the toilet lid to put my socks on.  My 2yr old daughter, Brooke, burst into the bathroom to say good morning.  She stared at me and then said “Daddy, are you going poopy in your panties?”  “Ummmm, no Brooke, just sitting down to put my socks on.”  “Ok daddy” and off she went!  Brooke brings joy and laughter into my life every day.  She, like our son Nate, loves to laugh and make other people laugh.

In Psalm 100 God shares with us how we can live a lifestyle of joy (“Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs.”) that goes beyond our circumstances, location, and relationships and is deeper than our emotions and cannot be reproduced through willpower.  David is talking about an every day, moment by moment, living your everyday life, authentic JOY.  How does that work?  Psalm 100 says that true lasting joy is based on KNOWING that God is real, God is our Creator, God is our owner, God is our provider, God is good, God is love, and God’s provision, goodness, and love will flourish and remain forever!

THIS SUNDAY we will celebrate the 1970s and we will hear Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”  God is good.  God is generous.  God is compassionate.  God is so faithful.  This Sunday we are dedicating and baptizing 6 babies and toddlers.  Thank you God for a chance to serve children and youth throughout Fargo-Moorhead.

GOD IS CHANGING LIVES: Here are some quotes from emails I received this last month:

“Thank you again for helping me find my way back to where I belong.”

“Thanks for always making church so applicable to our daily “real” lives.  It truly makes Sunday mornings my favorite few hours of the week.”

“God has done many wonderful things for me and my daughter in the past year.  One of those things being meeting the family who invited me to Prairie Heights.  I feel that God definitely paved the road for us all to meet.  They invited me to Prairie Heights and I am so glad they did.  I love the Church.”

Yesterday I talked to a mom who wanted to say thanks for being a part of her son’s journey back to God.  She said that every time she sees him and his family she sees God changing them.  She was so excited.

Last night I went to a ND Class “B” district basketball championship game.  It was a great game!  When I got in the car I turned on the radio to hear the coaches be interviewed.  I always enjoy listening to their perspectives.  The coach of the 2nd place team talked about why he does what he does.  He said “I don’t do this for the money or for the calls I get from parents in the evenings.  I do this because of the relationships with the kids.”  I started to think about why do I do what I do?  The “simple” answer is that I know this is what God created and invited me to do and so it is an opportunity to love God back.  The next answer is because I LOVE to see people connect their life to Christ and then grow Christ-like as God guides them and gives them power to shed some unhealthy habits and sins and mindsets and generational patterns.  We see God changing lives all the time, right in front of us.  For me, it is the un-refutable proof there is a God!  And the next answer is the same as the basketball coach, it is because of the relationships with you!  I love serving God by serving others together as a church family.  I love the joy I see in people as they and their children have been welcomed to Prairie Heights and to Kidventure, they see the classes their kids go to, they enter the auditorium, they hear the band, they participate in the service, and God touches their heart.  God has helped us create an environment where lives are being touched and changed!  And people are then diving into life group experiences and forming friendships.  I pray we will see this happen in many locations throughout Fargo-Moorhead and throughout ND, SD, and MN.  Can you imagine?  Wouldn’t that just be the sweetest?

Thank you Prairie Heighters for your faithful giving which supports God’s life-changing “business.”  Your investments are building an eternal reward and home for 1000s of people!  And making this world a better place!  Thanks!

See you on Sunday!

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