PHCC Update

Aaahhh, the 80s! What a fun Sunday. I just can’t help but smile thinking about it! Didn’t the Thriller girls do outstanding? I think we will have to do something like that again! In fact, I think we will have to do a Music4Life, Take 2, down the road. I love being a part of a team that is willing to try new things and go “above and beyond” to share God’s grace and truth with our entire community. We put a smile on the face of God when we selflessly serve others. God hasn’t and won’t give up on any of us. He is faithful to invite us to jump into relationship with Him and into obedience (read John 21 and see how Jesus invited Peter to receive forgiveness and to jump back into relationship with Him). God’s Spirit will speak wherever there is an openness to hear.

When difficulties come into our life we are all going to jump. The issue is are we going to jump into COMFORT or into CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. We need to identify the real issue, look to God, and ask Him what He wants to teach us and ask for His leadership. Then look inside and ask ourselves are we jumping to comfort or character development. As Christ-followers there are times of struggle, and times where God is refining and bubbling issues to the surface that He wants to skim out of our hearts and lives. Yes, it can be tough and we are tempted to jump out of the process and into the familiar, the comfortable, the negative, the bitter, etc. But, God is faithful to complete the work He started when we stay the course with Him! Thank you God!!

This Sunday we will once again be at Cheney Middle School in West Fargo (Northwest corner of I94 and 9th street exit, also known as Veterans Boulevard) at 9:30am and 11:00am.

SERVE Project! Beth Jacobson, our PHCC connection coordinator, is planning an impromptu SERVE project for this Saturday, March 5th, from 8:00am to noon at Sandbag Central to help with the flood efforts. Sandbag Central can only be reached by shuttle. Please come anytime between 8:00am -12:00pm (noon) and wear your “Don’t GO to Church…BE the Church” green shirts if you have one! Beth will be there the entire time. If you have FACEBOOK join the Prairie Heights page! It is the best way to stay up on breaking news and to sign up for events such as this.

For those who like numbers: In February, there was an average of 735 people at Prairie Heights per Sunday. In February of 2010 the average was 508. It is exciting to be a part of something that is life-giving, growing, and making a difference. THANK YOU to each of you for participating!

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