PHCC Update

Feel free to read whichever parts of this update interest you! Just as a “Way to go God” there was a new record of 819 people at PHCC yesterday!

Sermon Re-Cap:

If we love Jesus, we will love what He loves!  We will be passionate about the purposes He came for.  And Jesus was VERY clear why He came.  “I have come to seek and to save the lost!”  In Luke 15 religious people were grumbling about the “sinners” Jesus built friendships with.  He responded by sharing three parables: a shepherd who lost one out of one hundred sheep, a woman who lost one out of ten valuable coins, and a father who lost one of his two sons.  In every case Jesus shared that the one losing the sheep, the coin, or the son would joyfully risk all, sacrifice all, do whatever it takes out of compassion, commitment, and the value of the lost item to find and bring the item back.  I am thankful that one of the three defining marks of Prairie Heights Community Church, that we are going to celebrate during this 10 year anniversary season, is that Prairie Heights is a spiritual family that walks the walk and will do whatever it takes to see reunions take place between lost sons and daughters and our Heavenly Father.  Luke 15 is one of my favorite chapters in the entire Bible and it is at the heart of why I am a pastor and why Prairie Heights exists.

What can I do?:

I shared four specific things you and I can do to see more reunions take place:

1. Invest in relationships with people who need to find God

2. Take a risk and share, with enthusiasm, what God has done for you.

3. Invite others to PHCC where they can experience a positive environment and hear about God’s plan for their life.

4. Do everything you can to make EVERY ministry EVERY time a warm and welcoming event for ALL.

State of PHCC address:

I went over a lot of details VERY quickly.  Click on the highlighted words to view handouts (PHCC Board Update).  Let me share some of the major points:

1. Miraculous Numbers: PHCC ministers to 250 children/youth and 1,250 people age 18 and over each month.  In February 2011 we averaged 735 in weekend worship versus 400 in February 2009. In February of 2011 we have 320 life group participants versus 90 in 2009.  These are historic growth patterns that are rare for any church in the United States.

2. We have two new full-time employees starting this summer to help serve our growing church, recruit and train more leaders, and help us prepare for continued growth!  Beth Jacobson is completing her Master’s Degree this May and will join our staff in July as our full-time connections coordinator.  Pastor Steve Smith will be moving to Fargo-Moorhead along with his wife Kathie to be our full-time operations pastor starting in August.  As our operations pastor Steve will oversee finance, facility, office administration, communications, technology, human resources functions, marketing and accomplish the day-to-day details of Prairie Heights.  Steve has experience as a pastor in a local church and also as a technology resources manager for the Pensions and Benefits Department for the Headquarters for the Church of the Nazarene.  You will LOVE him and Kathie.  For 11 years I have overseen these operational areas and I am THRILLED to partner with Steve and to focus on preaching, weekend worship, overall strategic planning, and leadership development.  Beth and Steve are both world-class people and leaders who have very unique backgrounds that make them the exact right fit for these two positions.  God is so good and I am thrilled to have them on our leadership staff team along with our Next Generation Pastor, Dustin, and our Connections Pastor, Dan.

3. We are at a challenging financial point regarding paying for our furnishings for the ministry center due to some unexpected land development costs.  We have already received several wonderful gifts to help with this so the current need is $55,000.  Every gift will be appreciated and valuable to helping the ministry center fulfill its purpose!  We will receive a special offering the next four Sundays trusting God to supply the need.  I also shared an opportunity for people to volunteer for the Fargo Marathon and if 100 volunteers sign up on behalf of Prairie Heights we should be able to earn $3,000-$5,000 that will help out greatly with this need.  Depending on financial resources we will delay some purchases.

It is a blast being part of a growing church where lives are being changed EVERY day….keep up the GREAT work!!

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