PHCC Update

God is doing amazing things throughout our church!  THANK YOU for your participation!  We had over 800 people at Prairie Heights 2 weeks in a row!!  A little over 2 years ago we had 400 people for the first time.  Thank you for inviting your friends, family, co-workers, and thank you for making Prairie Heights a friendly, positive experience for everyone!

1. Sunday we highlighted the opportunity to invest in changed lives by helping furnish the ministry center through financial giving and giving of your time.  Due to unexpected land development costs we have set a goal of receiving $60,000 this spring to furnish the ministry center so we can move in by June 1st and CELEBRATE as only Prairie Heighters can!  Brenda Podetz shared 2 ideas.  One idea is to find volunteers to direct traffic for the Fargo Marathon.  Here are two options: this sheet is for those who want to go on-line and register to help, this sheet can be filled out on a Sunday at Prairie Heights and someone will register you on-line.  PHCC will receive $4 per hour of volunteer time and receive a bonus of $500 if we have 50 volunteers.  Brenda also shared the goal of having folks sponsor a chair for themselves/family members/one guest by donating $40 per chair.  Our goal is 150 chairs.  Well, 35 chairs were sponsored so far!  Praise God!  And a total, cash and in-kind donations, of $19,000 has been given after 2 weeks! Praise God for how people have responded.  Wow, it is so inspiring.

2. Remember…April 17th, one combined service @ 10:30, 1,000 people…We will celebrate 10 years of changed lives at Prairie Heights!  We will also see “People Helping Collect Canned goods”.  You are invited to bring canned goods for the Great Plains Food Bank.  Lunch will be served afterwards at noon.  We will have tables and seating available for everyone in the Fargodome concourse.  The Fargodome staff is planning the logistics.  People will be served quickly as they have a system for other large events.  4th and 5th grade students will be in service.  All children birth through 3rd grade will be on the lower level, will have their regular classes, and will be provided their own lunch at 11:45 and have a party.  Children will not need to be picked up until 1:15!  They will love their time together and parents can enjoy meeting other people.  Our GOAL for EVERYONE this day will be to meet 3 new people!  This celebration will be a connection party un-like any other you have been to!!  I can’t wait!

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