PHCC Update

This Sunday, April 17th, we will celebrate 10 years of ministry at PHCC! If you have come one Sunday or 520 Sundays or somewhere in-between, I would love to have you come.  We will have one large service at 10:30am.  Children birth through 3rd grade will have their own classes and their own lunch.  Pick up your children from their classes at 1:15pm.  4th and 5th grade children will be in service.  We will eat a meal together on the stadium floor of the farGODome at noon.  This will be a memorable and impactful Sunday.  Prairie Heights and Prairie Heighters will not be the same after April 17th, 2011!  God will remind us of the miracle we are a part of and the miracle ALL of you have contributed to.  God will expand our vision to make a difference.

Ministry Center Furnishings Update:

60 out of 150 chairs have been sponsored so far!  THANK YOU!  Over 30 volunteers have signed up to serve at the Fargo Marathon.  THANK YOU!  Our goal is 50 volunteers but we would love to get to 100!  Here is information for registering on-line.  Volunteering at the Fargo Marathon will help us pay for the furnishings for the coffee shop room.  The Prairie Heights Ministry Center is looking spectacular.  I look forward to when it is finished and all of you can see it.  Right now the parking is VERY limited and it is dirty and muddy outside!  The plan is for our office to relocate there by June 1 and for the parking lot to be installed sometime this summer and have it ready for youth and life group ministries in the fall.

Can’t wait until we all get together  this Sunday!

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