PHCC Update

THANK YOU everyone who made yesterday possible.  1,164 people from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life participating in a family reunion.  How sweet is that?  It was the most fun five hours I have ever had in my life.  These last 10 years are SO full of priceless memories and relationships.  I am speechless.  As I drove out of the FargoDome by myself at 2pm I continued repeating out loud “Thank you God.”  That was and still is all I can say.

I decided that on the 10th anniversary celebration I was not going to talk about specifics for the next 10 years. I was not going to tell you about the 1,400 seat state-of-the-art auditorium that God is going to build on our property. I was not going to talk about ministering to 5,000 people on a weekly basis. I was not going to talk about someday filling the Fargo Civic Center for Sermon Free Sunday or filling Scheel’s Arena on Christmas Eve or filling the FargoDome Stadium someday on Easter Sunday.  I was not going to talk about having 300 active life groups throughout West Fargo, Fargo, Moorhead, Horace, Casselton, Barnesville, Kindred, Harwood, Detroit Lakes, Wahpeton, and other cities throughout ND, SD, and MN.  That was not what I wanted to share with you regarding the next 10 years.

Instead, even though I don’t fully understand it and I have so far to grow in this area, I wanted to share with you what I pray will be the defining mark of PHCC in Fargo-Moorhead and in the world for the next 10 years….Servilization…a civilization of people following the lead of Jesus Christ who taught us to serve others just as He did.  We do not serve out of guilt, ritual, religious obligation, or “how it will make me feel”.  We simply serve others because Jesus has changed our lives and our hearts and we look at life and people differently.  Our priorities, our perspective, and our purpose in life have changed.

The training I went to in 1999 on how to start a new church taught me that the first 10 people who join the team will determine who the next 90 will be.  And the first 100 people who join the team will determine who the next 900 people will be.  In other words, we will attract people like us and those around us will “catch” who we really are (our attitudes, our spiritual commitments and growth, our generosity, our passion, our priorities, etc.).  For example, how we love and welcome someone else is the way they will love and welcome the next person.  If we have joy in staying late and tearing down equipment so will the next person.  It is the ripple effect!  It is the law of spiritual momentum in action!

So, here we are: day one of PHCC 2.0 (PHCC twenty years!).  We all have a chance to be in on the ground floor of PHCC 2.0! Are you available?  Are you ready?  Are you in?  Together, the 1,000 of us will determine who the next 9,000 people are!

With our continued growth and God’s call on our lives we would love everyone to find a place of service within Prairie Heights.  If you are interested in hearing more about serving options within Prairie Heights show up THIS SUNDAY at 8:30am in the lobby of the FargoDome and our connections coordinator, Beth Jacobson, will serve you some donuts and talk with you about some options.

Servilization T-shirts and Window Clings will be available on Sundays.  We are ordering more shirts today of the sizes we ran out of and they will be here a week from Sunday.  The t-shirts are $10 for adult sizes and $5 for children’s sizes.  The window clings are $3.

I will update you later this week on the Fargo Marathon volunteer numbers and how things are going with furnishings for the ministry center.  Thank you for being open to what God puts on your heart.  It is inspiring!

Have a meaningful week as we remember the price Jesus paid and the gift He gave us.  I look forward to Easter Sunday.  God has something unique in store for us as we look at the walls we all are faced with during our life.

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