PHCC Update

I trust that God is alive and well in your world!  He sure is in mine and in His local church at Prairie Heights.  Teri and I have faced some discouraging and frightening days this last week with the health of her father, Bill, but I am SO thankful God is with us and with Bill and that we don’t face life alone.  I always think about people who go through challenges without God or a church family in their life.  If you have a “sticky-note” prayer request from Easter Sunday please continue to pray for that person/need for 4 weeks.  I know God wants to provide some miracles as we connect our hearts with His!


Our Kidventure Elementary children will be singing in both services this Sunday, May 8!  YAY!!  Love seeing those kids light up the stage!

Since we are moving our offices soon to the new PHCC Ministry Center we have a trailer full of stuff that is NOT making the move with us.  We decided it would be fun to give it away THIS Sunday.  All of the items will be in the lobby of the Fargodome from 9:00am to 1:00pm for FREE!  This provides another great reason to invite someone with you to Prairie Heights.

We will announce how the “chair challenge” went last Sunday.


We received word from the Fargo Marathon that Prairie Heighters are welcome to wear our servilization shirts as we serve at any of the races and if we have 100 volunteers PHCC will receive a $1,000 bonus along with the $4 per hour of volunteer service!  This provides a great opportunity to rally together to serve God and others and also provide financial resources to help furnish the ministry center and see more changed lives!  Praise God!  Click here to volunteer!  The Fargo Marathon would love to continue partnering with us in the years to come.  If you are running in any of the Fargo Marathon events, you may also feel free to wear a Servilization shirt.  Today, around town, I saw 2 moms wearing those shirts as they served their children and their families and I thought “Wow, that is just downright sweet!”

See you on Sunday!

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