PHCC Update

Did you notice that you haven’t received an update from me for a few weeks?  I spent two weeks on a “staycation” that included 3 short trips out of town.  Two of those trips were to help my wife’s family out after her dad got out of the hospital.  God performed a physical miracle in his life.  He is still going to rehab and has some health issues we pray will get better, but several doctors told him he is very fortunate to be alive.  God protected him and has more kingdom assignments here on earth for him (as he does for YOU)!  My 14 yr old son, Nate, and I also spent some time away on a father-son trip.  We had such a good time laughing, talking, and hanging out together.  I have to do these more often.  He is growing up so quick and my family is my greatest ministry.

I cannot explain to you how much I have enjoyed these last 2 Sundays as we wrapped up the TXT series.  After being away it was such a joy to be back.  And, for whatever reason, it was just SO MUCH FUN to share God’s Word and look at Numbers and Moses, and share with you some tools and truth God has been showing me.  And your response was such a blessing.  Last Sunday, I had a group of people come up to me and say “we aren’t usually church goers but we have been coming for a few months and we love it and so do our kids!”  They thanked me, but they were thanking all of you.  My response was “Welcome to the family!”  The Sunday before I had an amazing conversation with a man who told me how he grew up in a religious home but gave up on it all 20 years ago.  He and his wife have not missed a Sunday since Easter and he shared with me the journey God has started him on…way way cool!

Here is the handout that lists the different websites and tools we went over as well as some additional websites that are useful like,, and

Remember…we all get pushed to the limit in life.  Sometimes it is by other people (like Moses), sometimes it is circumstances that are simply a part of life here on earth, sometimes it is through our own decisions.  But, remember,  When pushed to the limit make sure you keep God in it! Moses allowed frustration and fear rather than faith to influence his actions and many people suffered.


Enjoy the rest of your week and see you on Sunday!




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