PHCC Update

What an exciting day! PH2.0 is rolling along at record speed.  I’m not even sure where to start.

1. We kicked-off our LOSING MY RELIGION series last Sunday.  Dan reminded us that Paul, in the Bible, escaped religion and found a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Religion is a hard thing to get rid of.  Paul wrote a book called Galatians that helps us make the same escape.  Galatians has 6 chapters.  Dan asked us to read the 6 chapters of Galatians every week during this series.  I am super-pumped about this series.  Dan and I first talked about this series two years ago so it has been brewing for a while!

2. This morning 24 middle and high school students were dropped off, for the first time ever, at the ministry center to load into vans to go on a fun outing to Arrowwood Water Park in Alexandria, MN.  It made my day to hang out with them, and many of the parents, and enjoy time together, dream about the future of this building being packed inside and out as a safe positive environment for students, give tours, etc.  One boy was celebrating his 11th birthday and he chose to go on this trip to celebrate his birthday.  Now…check this out…he and his family have been coming to Prairie Heights for 2 months.  I talked to his dad for a while.  His dad is 38 years old and he and his family are attending church for the FIRST TIME in his life!  And his dad was so excited to be a part of a church and to open his life up to faith in Christ.  He told me about all of the friends and family members who have started coming with him in the last two months.  Then, he told me where he is reading in the Bible and how he is using some of the websites I shared in service a few weeks back.  Wow, it was an amazing testimony and I told our new operations pastor, Steve Smith, who was visiting with us, this is EXACTLY why we do what we do.  Whether my paycheck is $1 or $1,000,000 I would trade it all for this one life, one story, one change in the history of a family!  I thank each of you for your financial gifts and gifts of time and talent that make possible all of the changed lives.

3. Our church served at the Fargo Marathon and we received a $1,300 donation!  We plan on doing this again next year.  Because of a childcare conflict I ended up staying at home while my wife, Teri, and son, Nate, served.  EVERY volunteer I have spoken with LOVED serving and if they aren’t running next year plan on serving again.

4. The ministry center is a spectacular building.  It is designed to help people of all ages build friendships and grow spiritually.  I have been holding leadership training sessions in the coffee shop once a week and WOW…so much fun…such a great setting.  There is nothing better than sitting around a table looking at people you love, people you do ministry and expand God’s kingdom with, and talk leadership.

I will close out with two quick reminders.  #1 During the month of July we will hold ONE SUNDAY SERVICE AT 11:00AM.  #2 Financial giving always slips in the summertime as folks are gone on vacation, etc. so feel free to mail your tithe or offering in (319 32nd Ave E, West Fargo, ND 58078), sign up for auto withdrawal, or give on-line at our website.  Financial giving to God’s family is NOT a business or tax or finance issue.  It is a spiritual issue.  It is our opportunity to give God’s Math a try, to learn about trust and worship, and go from income to eternal impact!


Have a fantastic day.  You bless my life beyond what I could ever imagine or describe!




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