PHCC Update

The Red River Zoo service is this Sunday at 11:00am! Please see the attached postcard for details. Please forward it and invite someone!

Last Sunday we set an all-time record for attendance at one service…530 people! Praise God for what He is doing in Fargo-Moorhead and in the lives of people at Prairie Heights. I have visited with SO many people in the last four months who have received Christ, and longer-term followers God is growing in new and fresh ways. Praise God for those who are moving away from, around, and losing religion and discovering relationship with and growth in Christ. Wow, so exciting! I’m telling you friends, Fargo-Moorhead is going to be a VERY different place 200 years from now because of what God is doing at Prairie Heights the next 10 years (PH2.0)! I feel so blessed to be a small part of it and am thrilled each of you are a big part of it!

We are close to receiving occupancy for our 7,000 sq ft ministry center. I cannot wait to have our dedication events sometime in August. There will be some joy going on in those celebrations. Dates, times, info will be coming out soon. We will continue growing at the Fargodome on Sundays and connecting people throughout the week, throughout our town.

We have a $500,000 goal by Dec 31st, 2011 for our building project. So far $412,000 has been received. GREAT job Prairie Heighters! Praise God! Please pray for the remaining 5.5 months and $88,000. We will begin another growth and giving initiative starting in January of 2012 to continue developing the facilities needed to minister to the lives of 5,000 people every week! We are on a high commitment, high impact, high stakes, high energy, high joy adventure and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Have a superb week…and let’s fill up the Red River Zoo this Sunday!

P.S.  A Prairie Heighter put a PHCC  decal on his wife’s vehicle as a gift.  It was something she wanted for many years!  Just thought I would share it with you in case you were interested in putting one on your vehicle.  It is on file at Sign-A-Rama.  I think the total installed cost was around $45.






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