PHCC Update

Yesterday we announced the upcoming historic PHCC Ministry Center Grand Opening Celebrations.  We can only host 150 people at a time so tickets are required for every person (they are free!).  All ages are welcome.  Tickets can be picked up during the week from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Thursday, at the Ministry Center (319 32nd Ave East in West Fargo) or next Sunday at the FargoDome.  You will love seeing the building and celebrating together the many miracles God has done!

The celebrations will be on Monday (Aug 15), Thursday (Aug 18), and Friday (Aug 19) from 7:00pm to 9:30pm.  We will enjoy snacks, a movie, tours, music, and MORE!  If these celebrations fill up and more people want to come we will hold more of them the following week.  I cannot wait for these events.  They will be memorable!

We are so blessed to be part of a moving of God’s Spirit, something that is impacting the entire upper Midwest, and such an inspirational team.

Yesterday I started 5 Guys Before Burgers and Fries and gave you an overview of a path for spiritual growth.  God has demonstrated His love for us.  He “went first” and “went all in” on our behalf.  Our proper response is to make our hearts available to receive God’s Word.  And if we do, God still speaks.  Our response then is to live out our faith and love through obedient actions.  And when we do we will experience God’s blessings!  This is the sweet spot of life and there is nothing like it!  In the weeks to come we will look at how we can live obedient lives!  The 5 Guys gift card winners are: Talitha Brady & Dan Thomas. Congratulations! For the next 4 weeks we will have drawings in each service for a $20 gift card to 5 Guys.

Have an outstanding week!

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