PHCC Update

Hope you had a wonderful Monday!  Wow, was Sunday morning at the Dome amped up or what?!  God came in a special way.  I had many people share with me that God touched them.  That is so exciting…open hearts responding to God’s Word.  It just doesn’t get better than that!  Very cool stuff that God is up to.  Every one of you are a part of it!  767 people were in attendance.  It is going to be an exciting fall at Prairie Heights.

Please invite some folks to church this fall.  Add to the momentum.  The fall is a natural time for people to check out church.  Wouldn’t it just be a bomb to see over 1,000 people at PHCC one of the Sundays in September!  We are preparing to open a wall at the FargoDome and add more chairs.  Basketball coach John Wooden said “When opportunity comes it is too late to prepare.”  God is faithful and when available hearts seek God, hear from Him, and obey…look out world!  The devil has no shot at stopping God’s family!  We live in a time where church attendance and participation is declining, yet this passionate little church called Prairie Heights refuses to slow down, let up, make excuses, or allow the “cost” to defeat us!  What an inspiring family you are!  To God be all the glory!  I pray for all of the churches in our community and celebrate their victories with all my heart!

In September we are going to have an emphasis on friendship and kick off life groups.  Our simple strategy at Prairie Heights is for everyone to make worship a priority, serve in ministry and participate in a life group.  When someone takes those steps it is amazing what God can do in your life.

We had about 400 people at our 3 Ministry Center Grand Opening Celebrations.  They were so much fun.  My greatest joy was simply to get together with people I love and thank God for His miracles and the relationships He has blessed us with.  We have a goal of $15,000 to provide televisions, technology, and an in-ground basketball hoop to make the ministry center a “world-class” place for the next generation and for training/connection purposes.  Praise God $6,552 has been given so far!  We would love to reach this goal by the time Labor Day comes and fall ministries start up.  We now have on-line giving set-up.

John Maxwell is the world’s #1 leadership guru.  I am currently being blessed by being taught and mentored by him and his faculty.  I started this spring via video and conference calls and am currently in West Palm Beach with hands-on learning including a visit to John’s home tomorrow night.  I will continue with video and conference call learning for my lifetime.  I am so grateful for this opportunity.  I am so thankful for my wife’s support and for the training investment Prairie Heights is making in me.  A family at Prairie Heights heard I was going and gave a donation to help with my travel cost….so blessed!  I have one goal with this training…to serve others and help every person fulfill their maximum potential in life.

My three-year old daughter, Brooke, called me 2 hours ago and was SO excited, “Daddy, do you want to meet me at the mystery center (ministry center to us adults)?”  She was on her way to dance practice.  People of all ages are working on a “Rise Up” piece for the worship services on September 11th. This is another service you do NOT want to miss!  She has the moves all memorized.  She gets so excited to practice with everybody.  Teri just texted me a photo of her dancing with older kids and adults.  Wow, so touching to see.  Thank you Prairie Heighters for your willingness to dream and your faithfulness to give.  Through the ministry center as a tool, lives are being touched in new ways EVERY day of the week!


Thanks for reading!  I will see you on Sunday as we look at authentic friendships in our 5 Guys Before Burgers and Fries series.

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