PHCC Update

I am so thankful to be part of a church that celebrates the talent and potential in EACH person.  Every day we discover new, un-tapped potential in Prairie Heighters!  I discovered many such people this past Sunday and every day this week via email, phone conversations and appointments in my office.  It truly is amazing the vast array of talented, energetic, passionate, gifted volunteers God is bringing our way.  Thank you for developing and deploying your gifts….THIS is “church” at its finest!

On Monday night I watched a group of people practice a powerful artistic piece that we will witness on KICKOFF SUNDAY 2011 (September 11th).  I cannot describe to you how much it touches my heart to see people of all ages getting together out at the new Ministry Center to practice.  Watching the joy, the teamwork, the relationships, and the encouragement inspires me and is a shining picture of what a church with NO walls and NO limits looks like.  I love it!

In August our attendance for the month was 42% higher than one year ago!  God is truly moving mountains right before our eyes.  Don’t miss out!

This Sunday we will look at how to navigate through and thrive despite evil, hurtful circumstances with the example of Joseph in Genesis chapters 37 through 50.  We will celebrate God’s faithfulness through receiving Communion together.  It promises to be a great time of worship and life impact!  We will also begin announcing fall life group options.  This fall is going to ROCK at PHCC!

Thank you for your financial gifts that result in people and families finding hope and strength in Jesus Christ.  This week I have heard several miracle stories of God intersecting and changing lives.  Our financial giving received in 2011 is 15% less than what was budgeted.  We have reduced some budgeted spending and offerings always increase in the fall months.  So, let’s pray for God to provide once again.  For over 10 years Prairie Heights has overcome substantial financial obstacles without using guilt or obligation and God has always provided.  Giving is an opportunity to re-calibrate our hearts and to love God and others.  If God lays tithing or giving a faith offering on your heart to support the ministry PHCC is providing, please respond in obedience.  God will bless you and God’s family will be blessed through your obedience!


Enjoy the rest of your week and I will see you on Sunday!  You are so special and priceless to me!!

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