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What a blast we are having Inviting, Growing, and Serving together and impacting our community.  On Sunday we wrapped up our “5 Guys” series by looking at Joseph in Genesis chapters 37 to 50.  He was no ordinary Joe!  Sometime I want to do a sermon series just on his life because there is so much to learn that relates to our lives today.  One of the points I made was that Joseph simply survived; he held on.  Someone went home and made a really great display with FDR’s quote and Psalm 121:1 on it.  I love it when people take God’s Word with them after a Sunday morning and build it into their life.

When I think about “surviving” I think about the story of Prairie Heights.  As a new church we didn’t start with a large group of folks (unless ten is a large group!) or experience rapid growth early on.  We simply hung in there and loved and served people unconditionally and refused to let up, give up, or stop dreaming.  God gave us great joy and optimism and He promised to lead us and fulfill His purposes and dreams for us.  And that is still what we are doing today, 10 years later, with 160 times as many people.  God is working so many miracles.  He is building His church.  We just have an opportunity to get in on His deal!  It is going to be a rockin’ fall-I am telling you!

A few quick things:

1. This Sunday is Kick-Off Sunday.  It is one of our highest attended services of the year.  This years’ service will be unique compared to any other Sunday we have had at PHCC.  It is very important you are on time this Sunday!!  So, get there early, enjoy some coffee and visiting, and get your kids checked in.

2. This Wednesday night is our Oxygen Student/Parent fall kick-off meeting at 7:00pm at the PHCC Ministry Center (319 32nd Ave East in West Fargo).  Josh, Dustin and the Oxygen ministry team have some great things planned for this meeting and for throughout the year.  Let’s pack this place out!!  Oxygen is for students in 6th through 12th grade.

3. $1,970 was received this Sunday for additional televisions at the ministry center.  As I write this someone is out shopping and purchasing 3 additional 47” televisions to be used for Life Groups and for Oxygen!  Woohoo!  Praise God for obedient, generous givers!  If additional money is received there are spots for several more televisions and we would love to install an in-ground basketball hoop.


You are a blessing!

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