PHCC Update

WOW! I can still hear the sounds of chit chatter flooding the worship area from Sunday morning.  In the 9:30am service, “folks” were so excited to get up and move to their neighborhood section—they immediately started moving without instruction—SUPER COOL! In the 11:00am service, I saw someone who has been coming to PHCC for about 3 months raise both hands in utter excitement shouting out his neighborhood party night! God is ALIVE; alive in the lives of PEOPLE.

Can you guess how many people joined together on Sunday morning at PHCC? 940, yes…NINE HUNDRED AND FORTY PEOPLE! We learned together that Jesus had diverse relationships. He spent time, energy, and thought on “How can I connect with people?” What if 940 people each week asked themselves: “How can I connect with people today”? What a difference we would make in our local communities! There is a great need for us to build healthy and positive relationships with each other. Relationships that go beyond the surface to really investing in each other.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What Would Jesus Do?”…well you should probably ask yourself that question on Friday and Saturday night. He’d probably say: “I’d PARTY at PHCC!” Party with your neighbors this weekend for Neighborhood Block Parties out at the Ministry Center (319 32nd Ave. E, West Fargo)!

Both Friday, September 16th and Saturday, September 17th evenings at 7:00pm. Live BAND…Snacks..Door Prizes…Video Games..Movies…Bean Bag Toss…Board Games—you do NOT want to miss it!


It is INCREDIBLE to be a part of something way bigger than any of us.


Thank you all for being the church, you have forever changed my life.

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