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SUNDAY RE-CAP:  I read Psalm 119 this morning.  I love verse 59 and 60: “I have considered my ways and have turned my steps to your statutes.  I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands.”  There is a power struggle that goes on in the heart of every human.  We see it in the two thieves next to Jesus when He was crucified.  One lived and died in rebellion against God.  He chose NOT to consider his ways and turn his steps toward God.  The other thief admitted his condition, believed Jesus was the Savior, and confessed with his words and actions that he desired Jesus to be his Savior and Leader.  And Jesus spoke the most incredible truth to him saying “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.” Luke 23:43 I consider this one of the most powerful, hope-filled events in the Bible.  Life can be tough.  Insecurity, insignificance, hurt, shame, and guilt can pile up in a hurry.  And remember, the most important influential person in your life is YOU.  Through grace in Jesus, we can be forgiven, secure, and significant!  Yesterday at Prairie Heights, 40 people made a decision to follow Christ after the thieves life story was shared with them.  I LOVE being part of a church that will do whatever it takes to introduce ONE MORE person to Jesus Christ.  I believe that puts a smile on God’s face when we serve and live as a church family in such a way!

TRUNK-N-TREAT is off and running…so very exciting!!  Trunk-n-Treat is a SERVILIZATION project that Prairie Heights has offered Fargo-Moorhead for 9 years.  Every year we invest substantial money to pull this event off.  Last year, with a large turnout and a large number of cars, we invested $8,000 from our Sunday giving.  We simply do not have that money this year.  So, we asked PHCC families who believe in this event and are able to, to purchase or donate $150 for candy for 1,500 kids.  Well, God is providing.  So far, 28 families and groups (families, life groups, college students are teaming up) have committed to this.  I’ve heard creative and touching stories of ways families will sacrifice other things to participate.  We will keep you informed.  Several things are in the works to make this an over-the-top event.  We want as many as possible to participate and there will be other ways to serve but we knew we needed to start with having the finances for the candy.  Without the candy the event falls a little flat!

SOMETHING NEW: My goal is to stay in touch with you in a variety of ways.  Our staff and I desire to have wide open lines for communication.  One new tool is I am now recording short 1 min videos to share with you.  I will post about 3 of them each week.  Here is the first one if you would like to watch.  If you have any feedback or if there is something you would like me to talk about please reply to this email and let me know. (Check out this ROCK version of Jesus Loves Me!)

Here are the NEXT STEPS based on last Sunday’s sermon:

  • Spend time alone reading Psalm 139:23-24.  Ask God if there is anything in your heart that is stopping you from building healthy relationships with others.
  • In every interaction you have with someone this week, be the first to ask a question and to listen.
  • Say or write a word of THANKS to someone you see serving in ministry at Prairie Heights.
  • Memorize Romans 8:38-39.


See you on Sunday!

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