PHCC Update

Prairie Heighters!

We are on a miraculous journey together and I love every minute of it!  I know I was created by God to be a part of Prairie Heights.  Every day we are seeing God change the lives of our families, our friends, and our Sunday guests.  An incredible sense of joy, love, and service shows in the hearts and faces of Prairie Heighters.  That gives me hope.  God is still alive.  He still invites unlikely people (like the shepherds) to be foundational, active participants in the impossible being accomplished.

I have to tell you that the financial goal for the Christmas Offering is a HUGE step of faith.  With the Christmas offering being a new initiative and having recent offerings that Prairie Heighters faithfully gave to (ministry center furnishings and trunk-n-treat for example), as a pastoral staff we weren’t sure what the financial goal number should be.  We needed God’s direction!  The Christmas offering is on top of our regular giving to allow us to “serve others beyond our walls”.  So, we prayed, listened, and watched!  We know that God has specific assignments for us as individuals as well as a church family.  So, God, show us Your will and we will share it with the Prairie Heights Church family.  Well, as the financial numbers came together for expanding the walls at the FargoDome to serve 500 more people at 9:30 and 11:00, it began to come together.  Honestly, my thought at a financial goal for the Christmas Offering was $15,000.  That was “my” faith goal and financially it was large.  When Pastor Steve came to me and said the wall expansion was $35,000 I wasn’t surprised or disappointed.  I was familiar with the expenses of such an under-taking. However, God made it personal.  I began sensing God saying “Well, Jon, are you going to suggest a lower goal than what it will take to serve the next wave of 500 people?  Would that bring me glory and give MY church a chance to witness another God-sized miracle?  Are you going to be the first to sacrifice?”  But God, you and I both know $15,000 would be a miracle!  “Your-sized miracle or My-sized miracle?”  Ok God, I get it.  So, Prairie Heighters, here we are, right smack dab in the middle of another miracle.  We are three weeks into the offering and the current total given is…….$12,574.30.  God is well on His way.  Together, in obedience, God is using us to advance the Gospel!  What a blast!

This past weekend I had 3 different people thank me for listening to God 11 years ago and starting Prairie Heights.  They all said they nor their family would be who they are today, nor where they are at spiritually, without Prairie Heights.  One was an emotional email and the other two were spoken with emotions glistening off their face.  Those words mean so much to me but I am the one thanking God and thanking them.  I thank God for this opportunity to serve and I thank them for trusting me and giving God a chance.  And without the 100s of people who serve and partner with me in all sorts of ways the little things I do would be of little value.  Each of you are my ministry partners!  I thank God for you ALL the time!

Have an outstanding week.  This Sunday we start our Christmas series!  Lots and lots of people will be invited.  Many will come, as we all love to go to church at Christmas-time.  Please pray every week for the upcoming Sunday and come expecting God to show-up and continue His work in all of our lives!  God’s very best!

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