PHCC Update

Sunday, Pastor Jon talked about the 3 stages of growth: Easier Growth; Harder Growth; and More Expensive Growth. He reminded us that Prairie Heights from the beginning was not going to be a  church that spoke a lot about money. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify what it does look like when Prairie Heights “talks about money.”

Prairie Heights has always had a “whatever it takes” attitude ~ whatever it takes to Invite others; whatever it takes to Grow Christ-like; whatever it takes to Serve others! That focus will not change. Everything we do and say will be to reach more people for Christ.

What Prairie Heights looks like regarding finances:

  • Budgeted Ministries will be funded from regular 10% giving
  • Building and Land will be funded from Growth and Giving Initiatives (currently Crank It Up!)
  • Beyond our Walls will be funded from our annual Special Christmas Offering
  • Prairie Heights will have an annual Inside Scoop meeting on a Sunday evening to introduce next year’s budget and answer questions regarding finance, facilities and campus development
  • Prairie Heighters will receive a quarterly update on church giving and their personal giving statement
  • Prairie Heighters will receive an annual charitable giving statement which provides necessary year end information for tax purposes

What Prairie Heights does not look like regarding finances:

  • Sloppy ~ our best effort in listening to what God wants Prairie Heights to do and using faithful stewardship to carry it out
  • Shady ~ Prairie Heights will not take short cuts, use compromise nor put integrity on the shelf to raise or spend money
  • Secretive ~ Prairie Heights has open books that anybody can examine (except for salary and personal giving information)
  • Sheepish ~ Prairie Heights will always expect bold and faithful resources from God and those who attend Prairie Heights!

Thank you for being the people that make Prairie Heights a great church!

If you have any questions, please contact me at 701.298.9181 or

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