PHCC Update


Prairie Heights continues to see the stories of people who are making a difference: in the lives of others and this past Sunday- in their own lives. The cards I received from people who were willing to write down and face the idols in their lives was very impactful for me!  Prairie Heighters, you bless my life and continue to make me more and more proud!

The story of a college student who was transparent on the idols in her life; the story of the father who is putting away some idols in his life and the over 80 other stories submitted Sunday inspire me to continue to want nothing but God’s best for my life. What God is giving us is truly Exponential!

Sunday I mentioned some of the series we will have in 2012. Sheet Music- a very candid sex talk to the church; Live Like You Were Dying (you do not want to miss any of these powerful stories that changed the lives of Prairie Heighters).  Financial Peace- how to find financial peace and make wise financial decisions.  I believe God wants to talk to us; not to judge, but to bless us so we can live life to the fullest and have the greatest impact on the Fargo-Moorhead area.

On February 5th, Super Bowl Sunday is Prairie Heights Sermon Free Sunday!  I can hardly wait! As one of the most exciting times Prairie Heights gathers together, February 5th promises to be fun, inspiring and music filled! The Wall will be open that day!  So the people you have been thinking and praying about inviting, we will be ready!  I hope to have more than 1,000 people as we continue to show the FM area church can be fun and meaningful at the same time!

Jon Hauser

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