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Prairie Heighters!

What impact do relationships have on your life?  Do they teach you new things?  Do you feel drained when you leave them?  Do you have friends that you share the important issues of your life with?  Are your relationships superficial?  Are you looking for relationships that can change your life or help you grow?

To live an Exponential life you have to have Exponential relationships!  Relationships are important to us for today and for our future!  God created each of us for relationships BUT they require risk.  What risks are you willing to take to have those exponential relationships?  In Mark 8:36, the Bible says, “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”  Are you willing to forfeit relationships with others for the things of this world?  Exponential relationships require sharing our lives and our faith.

How are you doing with your relationships with others?  Are you sharing the difference God is making in your life?  Are you taking steps in your journey with Christ?  Did you join a Life Group?  Did you identify a change you need to make in your schedule so you CAN join a Life Group?  Did you sign up to serve?  Will you pick someone in your life this week and do something for them, with no strings attached?  How about inviting a neighbor or friend to Super Bowl Sunday at Prairie Heights?  Sunday, February 5th, at 9:30 and 11am, we will hold the Premiere Pre-Super Bowl Celebration in Fargo-Moorhead!  The wall will be open that day!  So, we will be ready for every person you have been thinking and praying about inviting!  Let’s break our attendance record of 1,144 people as we continue to show the FM area, being an active part of a church family can be life-changing and our greatest opportunity to make a difference in our world!

So come on Prairie Heighters!  Get out there!  Serve!  Join a Life Group!  Invite someone to Prairie Heights on Super Bowl Sunday!  Take that risk.  Make a difference in the life of your neighbor, co-worker, friend and yourself!  You can do it.

Do something Exponential!


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