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We had a great start to our 3-week “Relationslips: Marriage” series yesterday.  Marriage is a foundational piece to our nation, community, and church.  As a church we want to help every marriage go the distance!  Every marriage will have rough waters (even marriages that seem so perfect in the beginning like Isaac and Rebekah in the Bible).  Pastor Dan shared how to invest in your marriage based on a great book by Les and Leslie Parrot called “The Love List”. 

 The Love List gives every couple two things to do at least once a day, once a week, and once a month.  Once a day we need to take time to touch and to find something that makes you both laugh.  Both of these “free” gifts are crucial.  At least once a week every couple needs to do something active that lifts your spirits and to intentionally boost your spouse’s self-esteem.  Don’t allow your differences to discourage you from doing something together.  Don’t overlook the importance of a simple note or words of encouragement.  At least once a month provide an opportunity for both of you to rid yourselves of harmful residue and fire up passion in the bedroom.

Building a healthy marriage takes skill and effort but it is a blast and worth every ounce of time and energy.  The greatest long-term blessings in life take intentional effort, investment, and sacrifice.  However, we must keep the long-term picture in mind and don’t settle for the lure of instant gratification.  These same investments will grow your relationship with God.  It is important to make a daily, weekly, and monthly investment in your journey with God (daily through prayer and focusing on a Bible passage, participating weekly in group worship and a life group, and serving God’s family and our community once a month with your time and talents).

This Sunday we will look at resolving conflict.  On our latest website poll, this was voted the #1 challenge in marriage.  If you haven’t checked out our new website please do so, www.prairieheights.comA new feature on our website is that a video of the Sunday morning sermon is available on the website by Sunday evening.  Please sign up for our Facebook page also.

 On Sunday evening we had a moving Believer Baptism service with 14 people being baptized.  It is always such an encouragement to hear the stories of God’s invitation and life change.  225 people packed the bleachers full at Fargo South High School.  It was a night I will never forget.  All 14 people came to Prairie Heights through a friend’s invitation.  Thanks to all of you for caring enough about other people to invite them to church.

REMEMBER – Our clocks will SPRING FORWARD this weekend and we will be back at the FARGODOME at 9:30 and 11:00.

Jon Hauser, Pastor

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