PHCC Update

Last Sunday, I shared the exciting news of the total given for our 2011 Christmas Offering…$48,807.68.  What an amazing miracle this is!  What a great blessing each gift is!  At the time of the year we celebrate the gift of Jesus Christ, over 300 households sacrificially gave, above their regular giving, to allow Prairie Heights to serve beyond our walls.  That pumps me up!  Prairie Heighters, you LIVED the vision.  Your VIDEO was in synch with your AUDIO and most important in synch with your hearts!  Most of the equipment needed to open the wall has now been ordered and paid for and we have the financial resources to pay for the other expenses we will incur to open the wall.

The wall is now open and we are prepared “facility-wise” to serve 500 more people.  I shared our next challenge is to prepare our church “leadership-wise” to serve 500 more people.  There are 4 puzzle pieces that represent Prairie Heighters: attenders, volunteers, team members, and point-people.  Each piece is valuable and irreplaceable!  No one piece is more valuable than the other.  The challenge is for everyone to experience the joy of taking their next steps.  Team members and volunteers have nowhere to serve without point-people.  Without team members, our church would not exist.  Without volunteers, attenders would not come back or come at all.  Point-people, team members, and volunteers are not needed if there are no attenders.

God has clearly shown me that the puzzle pieces we must expand in the next 9 months to sustain healthy growth are team members and point-people.  So, we will work on this together as a church family trusting God and obeying His gentle leading.  This will allow us to be ready for the next 500 people and open a door for many people to realize the incredible opportunity God has given us to make our lives count 200 years from now!

This is the most exciting  journey I can imagine going on and I am so thankful each of you is on it with me!

I have to share with you, as I was driving to the office on Monday morning, I took a quick glance in my rear view mirror. God reminded me in that moment that I cannot live my life in the past, but instead live today and make today GREAT because today is the only today I have! In this today that I am given, I am going to live with a sense of eternity. “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18. I cheerfully give my life to see as many people reach Christ as humanly possible! Thank you for investing your time, your talents and your finances to continue to see people grow in their relationship with Christ through PHCC. Make TODAY great!



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