PHCC Update

Prairie Heighters,

What a blast it was to kick-off our SHEET MUSIC series on Sunday.  What an amazing team Prairie Heighters are!  I was so blessed and so proud of how we pulled together and served and loved others and embraced God’s Truth as it was taught on Sunday.  What makes a church great is when people embrace the MISSION and sacrifice to see that MISSION move forward.  All around America there are churches that have made the member’s comfort more important than the mission.  I am thankful for Prairie Heighters who love God and His mission and realize that without sacrifice, commitment, and a willingness to change nothing great will ever be accomplished.  

I truly believe this series has an opportunity to impact all of our lives years from now as much as any series I have ever done in the 11 years of PHCC history.  My wife only blushed one time and I think I made it with only two blushes!

Here are the 5 goals for this series:

  1. To open up discussion about sex that will lead us all to lead healthier lives.
  2. Introduce resources that will be helpful to you and your family.
  3. To open our eyes to the deception of satan and his plan to destroy your life.
  4. To develop a deeper hunger to know and follow God’s Word.
  5. To find healing and hope.

May God deeply bless each of you this week and I can’t wait to get together again this Sunday.  God is going to bring healing to many hurts this Sunday.  Please invite someone to come with you!

 Jon Hauser

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