Your heart is the center and source of your body physically and functionally.  Our heart also describes our attitude.  We say “that team really has heart”  or “he has a big heart.”  Spiritually, the Bible references heart over 500 times.  Hearts can be alive or cold.  Hearts can be passionate or luke-warm.  Hearts can be hard or available.  Hearts can be made brand new.  During August of 2010 we start our new series “Pulse” and we will look at heart issues including:

  • Our heart’s properties (15.Aug)
  • Our heart’s passion (22.Aug)
  • Our heart’s power (29.Aug)
  • Our heart’s position (05.Sep)

During this series we will have a “heart” clinic open in the lobby on 15.August.2010 where we will be checking blood pressure, pulse rate, and other health issues.  We will also host our 2nd annual blood drive on 29.August.2010 to help provide blood for those in our community in need of it.

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