RECAP: Kidventure Game Day!!

Check out the pictures of the fun we had in Kidventure for our 2nd annual Game Day!!

LAST Sunday:

The 3, 4, and 5 year old kids had blast with Kelsey and Erich as they played games, ran through the obstacle course, tried to not get caught by Mr. Fox, made a craft, and even heard a Bible story about Adam and Eve. We learned that we cannot hide from God. When we make a mistake God wants us to be honest about it and ask for help to grow stronger. God loves us so very much, he wants to grow us through life, not punish us for our mistakes. Thank you Kelsey and Erich for putting together such a fun, exciting worship experience!

The K-5th grade kids had the privilege of working with Richelle and her family as they planned an outstanding experience! The kids were able to kick off the morning with stations like shooting basketball, dribbling, and jumping rope! Then we learned about the importance of listening to God and obeying Him, even when it isn’t easy. Just like Noah when God asked him to build an ark. Noah didn’t know why and other people made fun of him. But Noah decided to live for God by obeying him anyway. We wrapped up with large game of guard the pins. What an exciting morning of fun, games, making new friends, and worshiping God through it all! Thanks Richelle and family for helping us worship God in such a unique, fun way!!!

THIS Sunday:

Join us as Prairie Heights  returns to the awesome Fargodome this Sunday March 11. We will continue our underwater adventure in Kidventure!

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