Most of us would say that the human relationships in our lives are very important starting with our closest family members.  When times are good it is easy to overlook people and focus on other things.  Then, if our relationships aren’t as healthy as we would like we think “I’m just not making my family or friends enough of a priority.  When I do my marriage, parenting, and friendships will get better.”

In the fall of 2008 we began to see our national economy take a hit.  Our 401ks became 201ks!  Here in Fargo-Moorhead we began seeing the credit crunch, loss of jobs, and general economic instability hit in 2009.  One positive adjustment many people made was “I’m going to focus more on my family and relationships because that holds much more hope than my job, money, etc.”  The problem I have seen is that people are focusing and working on their family and friend relationships more, but for some the improvement has not happened.  Relationships are still sliding into Relationslips.  Wow, that makes life really hard!  It’s one thing to think that if we put in the work things will get better but when we put in the work and they don’t get better I feel like I am without options.

At Prairie Heights during the months of January through May of 2010 we are going to focus on Relationships! We are going to start with four weeks on the Basics: Authenticity, Trust, Compatibility, and Communication.  Then we will move on to Marriage, Sex, Parenting, and Family.  The principles given will apply to all of the relationships in our lives.  We are going to learn a lot and have a good time doing it so we invite you to join us for Relationslips!

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