Serving… more than each other.


Have you ever taken a minute to think about what serving is
really all about? Whether it be serving your neighbor by cooking them a meal or serving on a Sunday morning in Kidventure at PHCC. There are so many ways to serve within in our community, within our church community, and within our home. But, how often do we think: WHAT IS THIS SERVING ALL ABOUT? When you take a second and think about that question, what comes to mind? Is it, “well, it gives me warm fuzzies—you know, those good feelings on the inside” or “hmm…it’s my responsibility to serve those around me”. Both of those are legitimate thoughts.

Have you ever thought that serving each other is really a
lot MORE THAN serving each other. What? That makes no sense. Well, actually it
makes a whole lot of sense. God created us all, right? He wired us very
differently than our mother, our friend, our neighbor or our co-worker. Well, He’s
a pretty smart guy, so I’m guessing He did that for a reason. One of the
reasons I can think of might be because in order for the world to go round- we
need many different people with different skills and gifts to complement one
another for us all to survive until our time on Earth is complete.

One thing I’ve learned during my journey with Christ is that
He has a plan for my life. He meant to use my gifts and talents in the local
church and what a blessing that is to know. He wants to use ME! And guess what,
He wants to use you, too! There are numerous opportunities for you to maximize
your gifts and talents at Prairie Heights Community Church, whether it be in:
KidVenture, Oxygen, First Impressions, Technology, Administrative, Care, etc.
He wants to USE YOU!

And ultimately in serving each other… you are serving Him,
each and every time!

Have a great week!

Connections Department

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