Sky Bridge

New Kidventure Series starting Sunday, September 11th!

Whether it’s huge towers, strong walls or even gigantic boats, the Bible is full of incredible stories about construction projects.In this new series, The Great Skybridge Showdown, we will learn about some of those projects as we join Ike Ironsides and Caleb Cade on the job site.

Each week we will be learning about such things as: how to follow God’s plan for your life, how to obey God in all you do, why we should praise God instead of ourselves, and why we should never give up doing good. We will also learn to wisely use what God gives us, to be kind to others, that as Christians we are the church, and that we should have perseverance while serving God.

So, put on your hard hat and tool belt and let’s get ready to build a life that is pleasing to God!

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