The Funny Thing Is…

Isn’t it funny how we think about life differently after hearing we only have a certain amount of days to live? Why is that? We all of a sudden have a sense of urgency, a sense of the unknown. Our daily routines are flipped upside down and those small things do not seem to matter anymore!

I have somone in my life group who asked his boss if he could take off from 6:30-8:30pm on Tuesday nights for the next 6 weeks so that he could attend a life group. His boss, who he says is normally not so flexible, said yes. He came to life group dressed in his work gear and was as excited as ever to begin this journey with 24 other people. He taught me a lesson. We have to make sacrifices. In order for us to stay close to God and do what’s best in our relationship with Him– we have to take risks; we have to be willing to make a sacrifice.

The funny thing is God already knew that. He’s just waiting for us to say “Ok God…I’ll let you into my life”, so He can guide us and show us what’s best for us.

If you have not had the opportunity to sign up for a life group… it is NOT too late! You can still sign up and show up to a life group! Check out the life groups available this Winter under the Life Group tab at:

Beth Nelson

Connections Coordinator

Prairie Heights Community Church

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