This Sunday at PHCC

Several years ago I was challenged by a pastor who told me “Every so often you need to stand in front of all those who are gathered together and preach as if it is the last sermon you will ever give!” So, this Sunday I will do just that.  I simply want to share, from the Bible and from my heart, with everyone who will listen how important it is to receive Christ as your Savior, how to connect your life to Christ, and the power of salvation in the life of a human being.  I have always promised you that I will keep it real; that my goal is not to be a “professional” pastor.  There will be some emotional stories told and the power of God will shine through.  I hope you can make it and I hope you will bring anyone with you that you can get to come with you.  A 1991 popular acoustic rock song will be sung to introduce the topic.  Should you bring someone with you that normally does not go to church or to PHCC they will be blown away by this song.  Please pray for God’s will to be done in the life of every person in attendance.

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