During weekend services on September 8th, 2019,
Co-Founders Jon and Teri Hauser announced their plans to transition
out of leadership and from quarterback to coach at Prairie Heights.

Twenty years ago, Jon and Teri set out on a course to help one more person find hope and life in Christ, always remaining open to God sharing with them the right time to hand off the baton of leadership. Too many leaders hold tightly to leadership for too long. They don’t desire to be those leaders. We trust their obedience to God’s call in their life, that this is the right season and the right time to make this transition.


Summer 2010: Prairie Heights Strategic team begins planning transition process.

January 2019: Jon goes on trip to Israel, during his time there God placed specific people in his path to spark him asking questions of timing and transition.

February 2019: While Jon is in Israel, it is laid on Teri’s heart to start asking questions about timing and transition (without her even knowing Jon is thinking the same thing). It is very clear when Jon returns that God is speaking to both and bringing unity to this decision.

May 2019: Prairie Heights Board is informed of transition, a consultant firm for the transition is agreed upon.

August 2019: Head of Search Committee, Doug Peters is selected. Search team members accept roles on the team. District Superintendent of Nazarene Church is informed and District Superintendent, Steve Hoffman, agrees to join search process.

September 2019: Staff and Sunday announcements of transition are made. External consultant conducts focus groups to understand the qualities Prairie Heights is looking for in a leader, and what Prairie Heights needs to continue to follow God’s calling.

December 1st, 2019: Jon Hauser final speaking Sunday.

Five years from now Prairie Heights will hold to our same mission. There will be plenty of changes, but the mission, vision, and values will remain as we continue serving this region and the results will increase. Strategies will continue to be developed and implemented as they have been for twenty years. Prairie Heights will move forward with an indomitable spirit.

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