University Bible courses offered in Fargo!

Starting January of 2012, I will be teaching undergraduate, university-accredited, Bible courses here in Fargo as an adjunct professor of MidAmerica Nazarene University ( 

In 1985, when deciding what university to attend, I would have enjoyed a Christian University but I wanted to study Electrical Engineering and did not find any Christian universities with this major.  So, I chose to attend NDSU and loved every minute of it.  However, I still wanted to take some core Christian classes had they been available.  So, after 20 years of having this goal I am now able to offer five core Bible classes to others wanting that same thing.  Starting in January 2011, I will be offering one bible class in the evenings each semester.  I am convinced studying the Bible is an integral part of higher education and a foundational piece to a lifetime of positive impact.  For those taking four out of the five core classes a Certificate of Christian Leadership will be awarded.

 For more information on the classes and cost, read through this informational flyer.  To register click here (link to be up and running in July).

 If you have any questions please email

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