YES! to Christ

Did you say YES! to Christ, or are you looking for more information on what that exactly means?

You’ve come to the right place.

We understand that this saying YES! thing can feel really complicated, but let us assure you it’s not. Jesus wants a personal relationship with you. That’s it. There are elements to growth, and we’ll get there… but before we do. If you are ready to say YES! We invite you to pray the following (feel free to use your words and make it your own).

Heavenly Father,

I have failed many times in my life, and I am not perfect. I have searched many places for peace and not found it. I am tired of my way of living and ask for your help.

Today, God, will you come into my life? Forgive me of all my past sins. I believe that Jesus died for me. Help me to live each day the way You want me to live. Surround me with friends that encourage me to live for You. Give me discipline to attend and be part of a church family.

Thank you for forgiving my sins and giving me a second chance in life. From this day forward, I will follow you. Amen

If you said YES! today, feel like you are ready to say YES! to a new life in Christ, or would just like someone to talk to. Please complete this form or call our office at 701.298.9181 and we’d love to talk!

Resources after you’ve said YES!:

Here are some practical steps that will help you take move forward in your walk with God.

Bible Reading Plan